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Our Clients

We work with Government of U.P. Under the Constitution of India, Uttar Pradesh has a Governor and a bi-cameral Legislature. For U.P Government we have done Public Relation, Media Promotion, Advertising, Branding Identity, Event Management and People Movement with big ideas and even bigger results.

Govt of U.P

We have supported and helped various NGOs such as Sarva Dharam Manav Seva trust, Uttar Pradesh Trust in promoting their campaign, social causes and awareness camps all over the India. Main focus of Gaurira is to work with various NGOs in India to provide youth / women / children / old aged empowering and inspiring opportunities, with a goal of maximizing their potential regardless of their current situation.

NGOS such as Sarva Dharam Manav Seva Trust, U.P Trust

Occupational and Environmental Health Services (OEHS) is a unique, specialized Health Consultancy Organization working with prestigious industries and organizations engaged in Planning and Development of Public Health, especially Occupational and Environmental health. Gaurira have organized various Environment promotion camps for them which helped raise public environmental awareness and brought a rapidly increasing flood of new members to the Club and to the environmental movement in general.

OEHS India

In joint collaboration with Rexor India, Gaurira have successfully organized Blood Donation camps in India. In return it helped them in motivating people for blood donation and help anyone, in case of any requirement for blood.

Rexor India Ltd