We're a public relation, advertising & branding agency with big ideas & even bigger results.


  • Brand Promotion

    Creating an identity which quickly and memorably communicates your message is our "Gaurira's" specialty. We take careful consideration of your voice that is entirely unique. We also take careful consideration of how your voice and steps will be applied to ensure it translates effectively across all types and scales of media.

  • Real Estate Development

    Gaurira also have its contribution in Real estate development. Real estate development, or property development, is a multifaceted business, encompassing activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of improved land or parcels to others. Gaurira soon going to launch its residential project.

  • Event Management

    Our team of highly knowledgeable, friendly and professional planners are ever attentive to your requirements, working with you to produce an unparalleled result right down to the last detail. We aim to make the organisation process seamless and enjoyable providing you with the finest VIP client experience available.

  • Public Relations

    In this idea driven world, it is essential that newer ideas and concepts are quickly understood by the consumers. At Gaurira, this excites us much more than anything else. We have helped dozens of such ideas converting into marketing successes through PR.

    At Gaurira's PR, we understand the significance of concept marketing and value the huge impact it makes for our clients.

  • Advertising

    Using a powerful infusion of strategy and innovative creativity, Gaurira's Media develops compelling and marked advertising that captures audience attention and produces results for clients. From broadcast and online to outdoor and print, a strategic eye is kept on each advertising medium to ensure consistency of message and creative to make the most out of any advertising budget.

  • Media Promotion

    Gaurira focus on Media Tracking, Media Monitoring, News Cliping, Media Analysis and Data Analysis Services in India. Our services helps corporate communications, public relations, advertising and research professionals improve their ability to access, understand and use media coverage as key components for communicating more effectively and making informed business decisions.

  • People Movement

    Gaurira's prides ourselves on giving maximum value of researching options, money and working at all times to your exact budget and requirements. It is our success in this area that allows our clients to come back to us time and time again for fantastic events. After studying movements for over years and having sparked a few for iconic clients, we believe brands must connect with that passion and activism somehow.

  • Liaisoning

    Engaged in providing Liaisoning services, corporate Liaisoning services and office formation Liaisoning services. Also offering other entity setup services like company information services and branch office formation services etc. We are a leading service provider of Liaisoning with government offices.