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Social Contribution

  • 1. Road Safety Awareness

    Gaurira's have conducted and successfully executed some road safety public awareness Campaign and provided some background information on the collaboration between the Government and NGOs in road safety. The project resulted in interface and linkages between government and non-government road safety providers in a transparent manner.

  • 2. Blood Donation Camps

    Our major contribution also lies in conducting blood donation camps in various states of India. Blood donation camps are the most vital aspect of Gaurira's contribution. All the camps are organized in collaboration with government blood banks only.

    Blood Donation Camp on a regular basis is very important. Whether a student or an employee at corporate, everyone wants to contribute towards the society and save lives. Blood Donation is the easiest way to do so. A common saying related to Blood Donation is “You don’t have to be a superman to save lives, Donate Blood!!! Save lives.”

  • 3. Nukkad Natak for Social Causes

    Gaurira have also showed his support in conducting many programs for social causes like women rights, children rights, conducting Nukkad Natak in local cities.

  • 4. Aids Awareness Camp

    Through its two core departments, Gaurira's provide support for both: AIDS Retreats / Camps and Education, youth are both served in the areas and demographics of their need, and also offered opportunities to provide leadership and service domestically and abroad.